5th Ave Trees Update

Construction is almost complete at the senior assisted living facility being constructed at 12301 5th Ave NE. The developer was previously in a bit of hot water for clearing the lot before they actually owned it and before approval to clear the trees was permitted by Seattle Department of Planning and Development. Currently, the same developer is also in the process of subdividing and selling the parcels north of this lot.

This project does not get my personal vote for nicest new building in Pinehurst.

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  • Carine

    I keep hoping they’ll at least paint part of it with a zippy color – it’s just so bland! I also seriously question the quality of the construction since the building pretty much got done within a few days.

    On the bright side, have you checked out the playground that the Jewish school put in?

  • Renee

    I have not seen the playground & will check it out. That is great news!

  • Sue

    OMG! Has no one been tracking this! This is a rooming house, not an assisted living facility. They LIED to DPD and are putting in 4 more 8 bedroom rooming houses right next to it.I have been all over city council about this. A little help people!

  • Renee

    Sue –

    I did some follow-up a few weeks ago. Apparently, they are allowed to do this an it is within the SF zoning rules. Rick Barrett in Haller Lake is tracking it as well.


  • Sue

    The trouble is they are indeed allowed to do this under current code. I have proposed a new ordinance to council to consider to prevent this from happening again. Anyone with me?

  • Renee

    Also, the property above was sold by the Coopers in late 2009 for $700,000. It will not be surprising if the new rooming houses are also sold once they are completed and rented.

  • Rick Barrett

    Take a look at this site today. Crammed full of presumed “rooming houses” with little or no parking I intended to to post pics of them, but my camera just failed. Per Cienna Madrid of the Stranger, who’s writing a story on this, the developer described them as “affordable housing for large numbers of low income people”. If they manage to clearcut the few trees that are left they might be able to squeeze in two or three parking spaces. Maybe if all the residents always bicycle or take cabs, and never have any guests with cars, there won’t be any problems.

  • Carol Peterson

    Does anyone have an update on why these buildings have been abandoned? Are they going to be torn down?

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