Beaver Pond Planning Meeting, Wed. 1/11 7PM

There will be a planning meeting for the newly named Beaver Pond Natural Area at the Northgate Community Center on Wednesday, January 11th, at 7PM. The project’s web site is here.

Also check out this post on Maple Leaf Life about recent tree trimming (vandalism) and crime in the area.

Upcoming Community Council Meeting?

It has been quite a while since our last Pinehurst Community Council meeting and we’re currently in the process of planning the next one. We haven’t picked a date yet but we wanted to get some feedback first.

Do you have specific concerns about the neighborhood right now? Anybody you would like to hear from? […]

Northgate Design Review Meeting Rescheduled

The early design guidance meeting below has been canceled rescheduled for February 6th. I left out the full address so nobody will skim this and think it’s for an actual meeting but you can follow the link at the bottom for more details.

Project: 3012842 Address: 525 NE NORTHGATE WAY

Project Description: The proposal […]

Solarize Seattle Project Coming to NE Seattle!

Solar power is viable here in Western Washington; it can save money, help reduce carbon emissions and help with energy independence. The “Solarize” projects are neighborhood efforts designed to bring affordable solar energy to Seattle residential neighborhoods and the next Solarize Seattle project will be available for zip codes 98105, 98115 & 98125. The project, […]

Lincoln’s ‘Casket’ at Northgate Mall This Week

Ok, this very well might be the most random news I’ve ever posted on here. But it’s been a bit slow and this is too entertaining not to share. Plus, it’s local!

Yes, you did read the title correctly. It turns out that our local mall is going to be displaying a replica of the […]