North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – May 2019

This month’s special presentation was about the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Enforcement Unit. We already had laws on the books about violent domestic violence offenders giving up their firearms, but there was no funding to enforce it; it was on the honor system. But now this unit helps enforce the laws, and gets far more people to turn over their firearms for the duration of the order than before. It helps educate people about the law so they can comply more easily, and it also can testify during the hearing about findings, such as whether the person recently made a purchase even though they say they don’t have any firearms. We also learned about Extreme Risk Prevention Orders.

At our request, the captain’s report contained information about patrol response times for the north precinct, as well as the city-wide times. Our precinct is slower, attributed to its being twice as big as any other precinct, and the difficulty getting east to west with few arterials. Regardless, a goal is to improve response times.

Read more about these topics, plus other information  here

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  • Sue

    I dont for one minute think commercial robbery is down 20%. I see it all the time. I also see it is not being reported because they feel nothing will be done. its all very sad

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