130th and 145th Station Area Community Meeting July 21

The 130th and 145th light rail station area planning is moving forward again. An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), is underway. An EIS provides the City, the public, and other agencies with environmental information to be considered. An EIS is already being developed for the update of the Seattle Comprehensive Plan which could have implications for future development in the station area. So, it made sense to combine analysis of the 130th and 145th station areas with this major project. Staff has proposed three station area alternatives and five citywide alternatives to study in the EIS and is looking for community feedback. Are these the right alternatives and topics to be studied in the EIS?

Attend a 130th and 145th Station Area Community Meeting on July 21This meeting will go into more detail about the EIS process and alternatives specifically for the 130th and 145th Station Area. For more details about the community meeting, visit the Get Involved page.


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