Pinehurst Pets – Samuel “Stinky Paws”

This is Samuel “Stinky Paws.” He was born a Vegas street dog in the Fall of 2012. After two arduous months wandering the Vegas strip he was adopted by a loving Pinehurst family. You can catch Sammy playing up at the Pinehurst Playground, frolicking down 123rd, or sampling fine cured […]

Pinehurst Pets – Hot Weather

This is an advisory from Seattle Animal Shelter:

Animal Shelter urges pet owners to keep pets safe during hot weather Hot cars and screenless windows are especially dangerous, life-threatening

Cool, fresh air and a cold drink. It’s what we all seek out when temperatures start creeping up. But it’s especially important for our furry […]

Pinehurst Pets – Zia

This is Zia. She looks a lot like a cute little black bear. Once she got out of the yard and wandered down the street. She stopped at the intersection and just stood there looking lost, I guess. Some nice people rescued her and took her home. They didn’t notice her […]

Pinehurst Pets – Property Damage

If a neighbor’s pet is damaging your property, you can report it to Seattle Animal Control. Take these steps:

Communicate with the pet owner about the damage Often, neighborly discussions can be very helpful. Let the pet owners know that you are experiencing property damage. Sometimes pet owners are not aware of the problem or […]

Pinehurst Pets – Bruno

Introducing Bruno – or maybe you’ve seen him on his daily walks these last few years. He’s a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier rescue dog from Whistler, B.C. I got to know him when he stopped in front of my house to roll on a certain section of my lawn EVERY time he went by. It […]

Pinehurst Pets – Scoop Laws

Seattle’s dogs and cats generate about 50,000 pounds of pet waste each day. It is one of the leading causes of bacterial contamination in our streams. Some bacteria in waste can remain in our yards for up to 4 years; children and gardeners are at the most risk of infection.

The rules about scooping poop […]

Pinehurst Pets – Injured or Dead Animals


Dead and injured wildlife can be picked up by Seattle Animal Control by calling 206-386-7387. If it is under 15 pounds, it may be double bagged and put in your garbage can. For information about our common wild animals, see this page on the Seattle Animal Shelter website.

You can also take injured wildlife […]

Pinehurst Pets – Noise Problems

(Below is pretty close to a copy of the text on the Seattle Animal Control website.)

Animals that make unreasonable noise can be reported to the Seattle Animal Shelter. Unreasonable noise includes loud and raucous, and frequent, repetitive, or continuous sounds made by any animal.

We should expect to live with some level of noise […]

Pinehurst Pets – Leash Laws

All pets, except cats and pigeons, are required to be on-leash when off their own property. The obvious exception is when the pet is at an off-leash park.

1 – If you see an animal running loose, it’s neighborly to let the owner know before taking further steps (we will deal with stray animals […]

Pinehurst Pets – Molly

Molly is a rescue dog. Her former owner didn’t feed her, and she was starving. Now, a sturdy 4-5 year old, she’s all better, and she’s full of beans. But that early food scarcity experience shaped her behavior. She’s a dedicated kitchen counter surfer, an avid garbage can diver, and a sharp-eyed hunter of […]