Mayor Nickels’ Sidewalks Proposal

Mayor Nickels has announced proposed changes to land use rules regarding sidewalks:Sidewalks ProposalIt is the City’s goal to ensure a safe, contiguous, and geographically appropriate pedestrian network throughout the city. The sidewalk proposal is intended to further that goal by ensuring that new development contributesappropriate pedestrian infrastructure commensurate with the increase inpedestrians associated with new […]

Northgate Way Rezone Proposal

The City and Northgate community representatives have been discussing the possibility of upzoning properties along or adjacent to a portion of Northgate Way (from Meridian Avenue to Roosevelt Way) to help encourage and focus additional residential and mixed-use development in this corridor. As a result of an upzone, density and heights (up to 125 feet) […]

Sidewalks on 115th and 125th

Pinehurst residents applied for funding from the Neighborhood Street Fund Large Project Fund (funded by the Bridging the Gap transportation levy) to build sidewalks on 115th (between 15th and 5th NE) and 125th (between Roosevelt and 5th NE).

These sidewalks were rated a high priority in the Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan (see ES-7 and […]

Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse

A number of neighbors have been working to secure funding for renovation of the Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse (located in Pinehurst Playfield at 12029 14th Ave NE). It is hoped that the shelterhouse will be used as a neighborhood gathering and meeting space once renovations are completed.

The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Large Project Fund awarded […]

Proposed Approach for Updating Seattle Neighborhood Plans


DRAFTProposed Approach for Updating Neighborhood PlansJuly 2007Update neighborhood plans by geographic sector (6 sectors overall). Determine the order of sectors to review by applying the following criteria:

1. Amount of household and employment growth, relative to the current growth […]

Pinehurst Pocket Park

Congratulations to Garth Ferber and Lorna Mracheck and all the neighbors who have worked hard for the past 7 years to make the Pinehurst Pocket Park a reality.

Pinehurst Pocket Park is located at the NE corner of 117th and 19th Ave NE.

Pinehurst Safeway Renovation Project

Here is an update on the Pinehurst Safeway renovation project. (from March 2007)

A community meeting was held in July 2006 and was attended by about 100 Pinehurst residents, Safeway and city officials including City Councilmembers Peter Steinbrueck and Tom Rasmussen and Director of the Department of Planning and Development, Diane Sugimura. Using feedback from […]

Pinehurst Community Council

The Pinehurst Community Council was started when residents decided it would be worthwhile to be organized in response to local issues such as housing, arson, and park improvements, and has been active since the late 1980s.

Our primary mission as stated in our bylaws is to: (1) support projects to make improvements to the Pinehurst […]