SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator

Our North Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator left the force for another job. Due to the economic deficits in Seattle created by the pandemic, hiring her replacement is on hold. Here is a message from the CPC team for what to do in in the interim if you need help:

Hello everyone,

My name is Jennifer […]

Local Kids Step Up For Anti-Racism

In the last couple weeks, school kids around the city participated in – and led – protests against the inequality of treatment of Black Americans by police departments and other institutions. We are so proud of our young people and how they are learning about and acting against systemic racism.

Here are some kid-led […]

Pinehurstfest 2019

Come on out to Pinehurstfest on July 27!

Neighborhood Street Fund Applications

Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) funds community-proposed transportation improvement projects in the City’s Right of Way.

This cycle will be a little different from previous cycles. SDOT has improved the process in the following ways:

Application workshops: They will host workshops in various communities through November 19 to increase accessibility and facilitate neighborhood collaboration. Check out […]

Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge Design Update

In their first open house about the Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge this year, Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) revealed a key design change that was adopted as the result of feedback from the neighbours.

The change pertains to the slope of the bridge. Before the update, the slope was set to be 8.3 per cent grade […]

New Pinehurst Bakery + Pop-up Events!

I ran into Josh recently (and got to try some of his amazing bread!) and asked if he’d like to introduce himself to the neighborhood. There was a LOT of excitement recently when the sign went up and I thought people would be particularly excited about the pop-up events they will be doing in […]

2016 Bias Crime Dashboard

Seattle Police Department publishes a bias crimes dashboard at its website. You can choose the year, the precinct or neighborhood, and types of bias crimes, then view a bar chart.

SPD defines neighborhoods such that the part of Pinehurst west of 15th Ave NE is in the Northgate Micro Community Policing Plan (MCPP) and the […]

Seattle to Announce Safer Speed Limits!

Street safety has been a hot topic in the Pinehurst community, especially due to the opening of our new Hazel Wolf school but also in general. Now, Seattle has finally decided to do something about it.

Seattle City Council members and SDOT directory Scott Kubly are going to make an announcement about a change to […]

New Bell Times for Seattle Public Schools 2016-17

As a reminder to families, Seattle Public Schools is changing bell times for the upcoming 2016-17 school year. The district says the change in school start times is designed to improve academic outcomes for secondary students. It provides a list of resources on its district website, from child care and nutrition to after school […]

EarthCorps Seeking Hosts for International Participants

EarthCorps is seeking hosts for our international participants for June 2015 – December 2015

EarthCorps brings young adults from around the world to Seattle for a six month environmental leadership program. Our participants are passionate, hardworking, and driven to solve climate change and water crises affecting our world. At EarthCorps they gain […]