Update on Safety Improvement Work in Pinehurst

A few weeks ago, Pinehurst Community Council invited Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to have a table at the upcoming Pinehurstfest so they can share their progress on the safety improvement work with the Pinehurst neighbours.

We just received a reply from SDOT. Brian Dougherty, in charge of Pedestrian and Neighbourhood Projects, regretfully turned down […]

New sidewalk completed on NE 115th St

The new sidewalk on NE 115th St is finished! SDOT will be returning soon to plant the two street trees in the planting strip. Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I refer you to this photograph gallery.

Sidewalk 11/28/2011 […]

NE 115th St Sidewalk Construction Update

Construction has begun for the new sidewalk on NE 115th St between 5th and 7th Ave NE! In the past month, crews have been preparing the right of way and have added a new storm drain at the corner of 5th and 115th.

Today, excavation and regrading began, and the new curb and sidewalk will […]

NE 115th St Sidewalk Update

Seattle Department of Transportation has completed the 100% design for the new sidewalk on NE 115th St between 5th Ave NE and 7th Ave NE.

NE 115th – 5th to 7th – 100% Sidewalk Plan 1 NE 115th – 5th to 7th – 100% Sidewalk Plan 2

The sidewalk will be on the south […]

A sidewalk is coming to NE 115th St!

The City of Seattle has announced the list of 20 projects that have been awarded funds form the Neighborhood Projects Fund. We were awarded $81,000 for an asphalt walkway between 5th and 7th. Hopefully we can have more built soon through future rounds of funding!

A project manager from SDOT will be calling us in […]

Pinehurst Walking Tour!

Join us for a walking tour of Pinehurst with the Deputy Mayor!

Monday, April 26th from 4:00 – 5:00pm (This Monday!)

Starting downstairs at the Holy Trinity Eritrean Church, across the street from the Safeway site.

We had a really good talk with the Mayor in Lake City and larger district-wide issues like sidewalks were […]

Thank You Everybody!

I really want to thank everybody who emailed me or commented on the latest sidewalk post. I haven’t responded to as many as I’d like yet but I have read everything. Obviously it’s an important issue to a lot of people but it’s amazing to see that much energy despite how slow the process has […]

North District Council and NE 115th Sidewalk

There’s another possible funding source for NE 115th St!

I previously wrote about how Pinehurst had come in 4th for the Bridging the Gap Large Project Fund recommendations from the North District Council. It had come down to a single vote in a tie breaker but they were only considering the top 3 so it […]

Addendum to North District Council & 115th Sidewalk

For the current round of Bridging the Gap Neighborhood Street Fund projects, the Department of Transportation asked each District Council to submit their top 3 projects. At the North District Council meeting, covered here previously, the Council ranked the 33rd Ave project third and the 115th St sidewalk project fourth when put to a tiebreaker […]

Pinehurst Community Council Meeting 1/25

The Pinehurst Community Council will he holding its first meeting of the year on January 25th from 7:00PM to 8:30PM at Amante Pizza, 12319 Roosevelt Way NE.

Tentative Agenda:

Quick neighborhood updates Sidewalk on 115th Pinehurst Playground shelterhouse renovation Jackson Park Trail Northgate stakeholders/rezone Grant for Eritrean church community meeting space North Precinct Advisory Council […]