New Pinehurst Bakery + Pop-up Events!

I ran into Josh recently (and got to try some of his amazing bread!) and asked if he’d like to introduce himself to the neighborhood. There was a LOT of excitement recently when the sign went up and I thought people would be particularly excited about the pop-up events they will be doing in […]

Contribute to Pinehurst/Northgate Mayor’s Find It, Fix It Walk

Are you interested in having your voice heard at Mayor Ed Murray’s Find It, Fix It Community walk for the Northgate/ Pinehurst Community? Besides the work Pinehurst Community Council is doing to collect your ideas, you can go directly to the City to weigh in:

City reps Lemmis Stephens and Paige […]

2017 Tax Preparation Service in Lake City

United Way offers free tax preparation services at 27 locations throughout King County from now until April 20th. Households making under $64,000 can have their taxes prepared plus they can get connected to other community resources and public benefits.

Locations can be found throughout King County with daytime, evening, and weekend hours […]

2017 Pinehurst Pocket Park Work Party April 8

Pinehurst Pocket Park Work Party

9:30-11:30 am, Saturday April 8, 2017 Please come on out if you want to help with the annual sprucing up of the PPP! A couple hours of our time makes in big difference in the appearance of our local park. The PPP is at the corner of 19th Ave […]

Communicating with Your Legislators

Recently someone in Facebook’s Pinehurst/Olympic Heights Buy Nothing group asked for help with how to effectively communicate with our legislators. Another member, a political science adjunct faculty member at North Seattle College and former congressional staffer, offered to help set up a meeting and speak to this issue. It was a well organized meeting […]

February 2017 Pinehurst Crime Map

Here is a partial picture of Pinehurst property crime for the month. Click on the map to enlarge it.

You can see ALL the types of crime at Select the North neighborhood and enter a date range.

Victory Heights Park Renovations

Seattle Parks is starting renovations of the Victory Heights Playground, just south of Northgate Way (1737 NE 106th St) in mid to late April, with projected completion in late August. There will be new kids’ play equipment! Here is the preferred design:

The project includes a renovated accessible playground and features new play areas […]

Current Scams

Our SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator handed out the AARP Current Scams list and asked us to share it. Read it here.

One that was new to me is the silent call. You say hello but there’s no one on the other end. An automated computer system makes these calls to build a list of […]

North Precinct Crime is Down

Compared to year-to-date 2016, crime is down in 2017:


North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for March 2017

This month’s speaker was Sgt. Daniel Nelson from Seattle Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Team (CIT). It’s a team of 4 officers who follow up on incidents involving people in crisis, such as suicide attempts, mental health issues, some domestic violence, etc. There are thousands of these 911 calls a year, so the team can’t […]