2018 City Budget and Our District 5

The table below with highlights from the adopted 2018 City budget is from our District 5 City Council Member Deborah Juarez’s office. In addition to the Lake City Community Center and the expansion of the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program, it highlights a number of other projects and programs of interest to District 5, […]

North District Council This Wednesday

Sorry for the lateness of this post but I was having trouble accessing the agenda. And then having Internet issues. But the next North District Council meeting is this Wednesday. I represent Pinehurst at these meetings but they’re also open to the public and everybody is welcome to attend. We’ll be hearing from […]

NDC Meeting and Neighborhood Project Fund

There’s a meeting coming up which will include some discussion of the Neighborhood Project Fund. The deadline for projects is coming up quickly and ideally everything would be in by the March 2nd North District Council meeting so it could be discussed there. The meeting is open the whole community and I’ve included some info […]

Reminder: Emergency Preparedness Tonight!

The North District Council is meeting in Pinehurst tonight and I really wanted to stress the emergency preparedness program. The city is going to be putting on a special program to help teach people about emergency preparedness. As their blurb says, it should be fun and informative. And beyond that, it’s a very important topic […]

North District Council and NE 115th Sidewalk

There’s another possible funding source for NE 115th St!

I previously wrote about how Pinehurst had come in 4th for the Bridging the Gap Large Project Fund recommendations from the North District Council. It had come down to a single vote in a tie breaker but they were only considering the top 3 so it […]

March North District Council Agenda

Here’s the current proposed agenda for the March North District Council meeting.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 @ 7pm Lake City Library conference room 12501 28th Ave. NE

PROPOSED AGENDA: 7:00 –- Welcome and introductions—Phil Shack 7:05 –- Seattle Councilmember Sally Bagshaw (Bagshaw is Chair of the Parks and Seattle Center Committee, as well as Vice […]

February North District Council

Some updates from this month’s North District Council Meeting:

Councilmember Tom Rasmussen discussed transportation issues, especially buses and sidewalks. Sharon Rogers from Schools First was reminding people to vote on the school levies. And really wanted to make sure people were aware of the greatly reduced drop boxes this year so you’ll probably have to […]

Addendum to North District Council & 115th Sidewalk

For the current round of Bridging the Gap Neighborhood Street Fund projects, the Department of Transportation asked each District Council to submit their top 3 projects. At the North District Council meeting, covered here previously, the Council ranked the 33rd Ave project third and the 115th St sidewalk project fourth when put to a tiebreaker […]

Pinehurst Community Council Meeting 1/25

The Pinehurst Community Council will he holding its first meeting of the year on January 25th from 7:00PM to 8:30PM at Amante Pizza, 12319 Roosevelt Way NE.

Tentative Agenda:

Quick neighborhood updates Sidewalk on 115th Pinehurst Playground shelterhouse renovation Jackson Park Trail Northgate stakeholders/rezone Grant for Eritrean church community meeting space North Precinct Advisory Council […]

North District Council & 115th Sidewalk

The North District Council met last night to vote for our three recommendations to pass along to the city for the Bridging the Gap Large Projects Fund. There were multiple rounds of voting and while Pinehurst’s project started out really strong it unfortunately missed the top three by a tie-breaker vote.

We’ve been asked for […]