Update on trash collection

Trash in Pinehurst and surrounding neighborhoods that normally have Thursday pick-up should be picked up on this Friday, January 2nd. See the collection area map and additional information below as well as previous blog posts here and here.

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In the future, there will be salt

According the the Seattle PI and the SLOG Seattle is changing its policy on the use of salt on roads for snow and ice removal. In the future, under certain circumstances, salt will be allowed on Seattle roads.

Update – Here is the full press release:

Mayor amends city’s snow removal practice, adds crews to […]

New Pinehurst Representative to North District Council

We have a new Pinehurst representative on the North District Council: John Sullivan. Thank you to John for taking this on and for representing us.

North District Council meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at the first floor conference room at Lake City Library. Meetings are open to everyone. Definitely attend any […]

Out of power?

Seattle City Light has current information on power outages on the web here. You can also call the Outage Hotline (206) 684-7400 (recorded message).

Also here are some tips from Seattle City Light to be safe if you do experience a power outage:

Do not get within 10’ of any downed wire. Wires should […]

No more trash….Friday

I just spoke with Andy Ryan at Seattle Public Utilities. He confirmed that Pinehurst residential trash removal that normally occurs on Thursdays will occur Friday, January 2nd. Crews were out in North Seattle yesterday as predicted, but they were only able to access a few locations. Unfortunately, most of Pinehurst now has about 3 weeks […]

More Trash Talk

Here is the latest Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) press release on garbage pick-up. Props to Andy Ryan at SPU and to Ed Pottharst at the Department of Neighborhoods for getting back to me late last night on this issue. I will phone SPU this AM to see if there is any additional news. [On a […]

Trash Talk

Our garbage and our recycling and our compost/yard waste are still sitting at the curb. All 2+ weeks of it are sitting at the curb. We are going to leave it there so whenever the trashman cometh, it will leave, begone, finally go to a better place.

I tried to find out more about trash […]


As I was standing at Third and Cherry last Monday trying to find a bus home, any bus home, another bus rider told me about TapBus. TapBus is an internet site that gives you current Metro bus locations and estimated arrival times based on GPS. It is easy to use and, for routes I know […]

Garbage Pickup This Weekend (at last!)

Seattle Garbage Schedule for Special Weekend PickupConditions Permitting, Garbage Will be Collected Saturday and Sunday

SEATTLE — Special Saturday and Sunday pickup is being scheduled, conditions permitting, for the city’s residential garbage, recycling, food and yard waste customers, Seattle Public Utilities said today.

Due to continued inclement conditions, today’s customers (Friday, Dec. 26) are scheduled […]

Pinehurst Bumper Stickers!

Thanks to Karla for designing these swank Pinehurst bumper stickers. You can order your own bumper stickers at the links below – or we will also have some available at the January 26th Pinehurst Community Meeting.

Order your own “Imagine Pinehurst” bumper sticker here. Order your own “Pinehurst: more north than Northgate” bumper sticker here. […]