Update on Effects of the NE 125th St Road Diet

Walking in Seattle blogger Troy Heerwagen poured through data from a half dozen Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) evaluation reports to create a graphic depiction of the effect road diets in Seattle have had on traffic and safety.

For NE 125th St, while weekday traffic volume has gone up 11%, aggressive speeding has gone down […]

NE 125th Street Rechannelization Results

There was a lot of discussion about the lane changed on NE 125th St before and after they happened. SDOT has been monitoring the situation before and after and just published results. It looks pretty positive across the board. And most people I’ve talked to have been pleasantly surprised. What have your experiences been? –Phillip


NE 125th St Repaving

I’ve heard a lot about potholes along NE 125th, expecially since the lane change. Well, it sounds like they’ll all be fixed at once soon. They’re repaving the whole street! See the project link up above for more details. They’re also looking to come out and talk to communities if people are interested in […]

Post Mortem on NE 125th St. Restriping

It’s been a couple of months since NE 125th St. was restriped to make a center turn lane and bike lanes. What do you think about it now?

Has it made it easier or harder to turn left? Easier or harder to cross as a pedestrian? Safer or not as a cyclist?

And has the […]

SDOT Begins 125th Project with Pavement Repairs

SDOT is beginning work on the NE 125th St project with spot pavement repairs.

The Seattle Department of Transportation will repair the asphalt pavement on NE 125th Street in the outside lanes, where needed, between Roosevelt Way NE and 30th Avenue NE. The crews plan to perform this work between May 6 and May […]

SDOT Recommends 125th St Project

SDOT has posted on their blog that they will move forward with rechannelizing NE 125th St:

After hearing from the public and conducting additional analysis, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has recommended to Mayor Mike McGinn that the city undertake a project to enhance safety along Northeast 125th Street by rechannelizing the roadway. […]

Sept. 16 Town Hall with Mayor McGinn!

Transportation related projects (sidewalks, traffic calming, rechannelization, crosswalks) are expected to be the main topic of discussion. If there was ever a time to advocate, this is it. The mayor, the head of Seattle Department of Transportation and the staff of the program that funds these projects will be there. It is also a great […]

The Facts on NE 125th Street Speeds and Collisions

The SDOT Blog has a lot more info on NE 125th St if you haven’t seen it already. They specifically highlight the speeding and collisions and the rates compared to other parts of the city. A lot of these details have been discussed in the past but it’s helpful for the discussions to have more […]

125th Street Safety Improvements

There’s a great post on the Cascade Bicycle Club Blog talking about the 125th Street safety improvements.

I recommend everybody head over to read the full article. It isn’t too long and they make some great points about all the advantages of a project like this. The part where they discussed speeds was especially […]

City Proposes Lane Reconfiguration for NE 125th Street

There’s quite a bit of info on the proposed reconfiguration of NE 125th St below. They will be holding an open house on Monday at the Lake City Library to get feedback. I’ve also been reminded (separately, not by the city) that this is not connected to the 115th sidewalk project. This is prioritized as […]