District 5 City Council Candidate Debate

Primary elections for city council are over, and the top two vote-getters in our District 5 election were the incumbent, Debora Juarez, and Ann Davison Sattler. They move on to the general election November 5th.

A Distict 5 General Election Forum is brought to you by Advocates for 130th Street Station.

Candidates: Ann Davison Sattler, […]

Vote August 6th

Remember to vote by August 6th! Besides King County Parks and Seattle Library levies, we are voting for our District 5 city council representative. For information about each candidate, see the Seattle Times summary (no ST endorsements, just info) at: Click on District 5.

Washington has new voter registration laws, so if you aren’t […]

Taxpayer Transparency Tool

There is a new Taxpayer Transparency Tool, a website that provides each King County taxpayer an individualized accounting of where their property tax dollars go, and the estimated cost of any proposed property tax measures to be voted on in upcoming ballot measures.

Residents in areas with property tax measures on the ballot can […]

Communicating with Your Legislators

Recently someone in Facebook’s Pinehurst/Olympic Heights Buy Nothing group asked for help with how to effectively communicate with our legislators. Another member, a political science adjunct faculty member at North Seattle College and former congressional staffer, offered to help set up a meeting and speak to this issue. It was a well organized meeting […]

Pinehurst Community Council Meeting Agenda – Dec. 6, 2016

Please come to our next Pinehurst Community Council meeting! We’d love to have more people get involved in our community. Our guest speaker from Lake City will discuss homelessness. As you probably know, there is a tent city on NE 125th & 22nd NE, so homelessness is close to home, so to speak.

At the […]

Next Pinehurst Meeting: December 6th!

The next meeting of the Pinehurst Community Council will be:

Tuesday, December 6th @ 7:00 pm! Pinehurst Shelterhouse at the Pinehurst Playfield 12029 14th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98125

We’ll have more details on the agenda soon but we’ll be kicking it off with elections for the Pinehurst Community Council. See more on […]

Our Legislative District Turned Out the Vote!

They’re still chasing down some ballots (signature issues, etc.) and ballots postmarked on election day aren’t counted below, but we have some statistics from election night. Final results will be certified on November 29, but I couldn’t wait to say ‘Yay us’ for the big turnout! We’re in the 46th Legislative District of Washington, and […]

City Council News

Our newly elected District 5 (that’s the district Pinehurst is in) City Council representative, Debora Juarez, will chair the Council’s Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Waterfront Committee. As chair, Councilmember Juarez will focus on issues relating to City parks, community centers, and public grounds, including the Seattle Center. Her committee will also manage legislation relating […]

City Council District 5 Debate 9/19

There will be a debate between the two candidates running for the District 5 City Council seat (Sandy Brown and Debora Juarez) on Saturday September 19 at 7:30 p.m. The debate is sponsored by Town Hall and will be held at Northgate Community Center, 10510 5th Avenue NE. Admission is free, but you must register […]

District 5 City Council Candidate Forum March 11

Broadview Community Council, in association with the Greenwood, Haller Lake, and Pinehurst community councils, is presenting a candidate forum for Seattle City Council District 5. The next election will be the first time seven of the nine positions will be tied to a geographical district instead of to Seattle as a whole. District 5 […]