15th Ave NE Bridge Reopens Next Friday, 4/15

The City is planning to reopen the 15th Ave NE bridge to traffic next Friday afternoon.

We plan on reopening the 15th Ave NE @ 105th bridge on April 15th…. The contractor has indicated that they will use the day of the 15th to remove signage, clean up the work area and finally remove […]

15th Ave NE Bridge Construction Project Update

Here is an update, as of 3/28/2011, from the project manager:

“The weather calmed enough to allow the contractor to place the concrete deck overlay last Wednesday, which was the last major task to be completed. The contractor is working on the installation of the separation barrier, which could not be installed until after the […]

Update on 15th Ave NE Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Thanks to DOT’s Kit Loo, Project Manager, for this update to the work being done on the bridge on 15th Ave NE. Bottom line, it is still on schedule to be opened in March. Here are the details:

At this time the most difficult and challenging portions of work which is being done on the […]

Half A Bridge…

I feel like I should be continuing that title with some sort of witty response but if I work too hard on that the post won’t go up at all.

SDOT has updated their blog with some new pictures and info on the 15th Avenue Bridge. It sounds like they’re over half way done and […]

Utility Work to Close a Lane on 15th Avenue NE

While we’re talking about traffic and bridges and all of that, here’s one more update…

One southbound lane of 15th Avenue NE will be closed at several locations between NE 107th Street and NE 140th Street, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., from Monday, May 10 to Wednesday, May 12.

A contractor […]

More Sidewalks Coming to the Northgate Area

They might not be OUR top priority projects but it’s still always good to see projects in the area…

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will construct new sidewalks this year on two Northgate area streets, 15th Avenue NE and First Avenue NE, connecting existing sidewalks. The work will improve pedestrian safety and make it […]

15th Avenue Bridge Closure to Begin Monday, May 17 2010

We covered the bridge rehabilitation project, the metro service changes, and the changes in the schedule already and here’s the latest update. Basically, construction is now going forward!

Starting on Monday, May 17th, SDOT will close the 15th Avenue NE Bridge to all traffic, including vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians for the start of construction. The […]

Thornton Creek Bridge Closure (Or Not…)

We covered the bridge rehabilitation project and metro re-routes but there’s another update now. Construction was supposed to start in March but it’s April Fools now and there have been some delays. They’re planning on giving plenty of notice before it does close but I didn’t want it to catch anybody by suprise.

Construction was […]

15th Avenue NE at 105th Street Bridge Rehabilitation Project

We already mentioned the bus re-routes that are happening due to this project here but the Department of Transportation also has a lot more information available too. Their website covers what the project is, the benefits, and the current schedule. They also include contact information in case you have any more questions.

Also, they […]

Metro service changes starting February 6th

Beginning February 6th, routes 73, 77, and 373 will be rerouted off of 15th Ave NE due to construction on Thornton Creek Bridge (just south of Northgate Way). There are minor service changes for routes 242, 243, and 348. Visit the King County Metro web site for the full list of service changes.