Public Safety Updates from NPAC – May 2020

Due to the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy directive, NPAC is not meeting this May. However, the usual meeting contributors kindly sent us updates. It’s interesting to hear how the King Co and Seattle Attorney General’s Offices are adapting during this time.

In the update document there is also some information about help for […]

Message from SPD Captain Sano, North Precinct

A message from our Seattle Police Department North Precinct’s Captain Eric Sano dated March 30, 2020:

“To all North Precinct residents, business owners and workers, this COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the way we all live and interact. We are definitely in unprecedented times and unchartered waters! I understand the fear and apprehension you all […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – February 2020

This month’s guest speaker was SPD Chief Carmen Best. She laid out SPD’s six priorities, talked about the budget and enumerated other priorities such as gun and gang violence, car theft and officer recruitment and retention.

Our Crime Prevention Coordinator still has some free steering wheel clubs – contact her if you want one – […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for December 2019

This month’s guest speaker was Ann Forrest, Chair of Northeast Seattle Hubs. She explained the function of the community emergency hubs, such as the ones at Lake City’s Fred Meyer parking lot and Victory Heights Playground. The hubs are places where people can go after a disaster to get information and help if normal forms […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for November 2019

This month’s guest speaker was SPD Officer Leroy Outlaw, who gave a presentation on active shooter awareness for civilians. He defined ‘active shooter’, described the kinds of places these incidents tend to occur (most in high-traffic commercial areas, but also schools, places of worship, etc.) and characterized them as essentially random targets. He explained when […]

Annual Sock Drive

SPD’s Community Police Team has a sock drive every year that North Precinct Advisory Council participates in. One year we in Pinehurst dropped off almost 100 items at our collection point – Treehouse Coffee. I haven’t been actively pushing the drive for some time. Today I’ll just mention that the drive actually goes on all […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for October 2019

This month we invited all the city council candidates for the districts that are in the North Precinct (4, 5, 6) to answer our questions about their stances on public safety. Unfortunately, by the time of the meeting, only 1 candidate could come, and 1 sent a statement via campaign manager. But, we got reports […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for September 2019

The NPAC monthly meeting’s new location is in the neighborhood! It’s in the basement of Northaven Senior Living, on 8th NE just north of Northgate Way. Public is welcome to come to the meetings.

Our guest speaker in September was Ben Noble, Director of Seattle’s City Budget Office. He explained the annual process of setting […]

Minutes from North Precinct Advisory Council for June 2019

This month’s special topic at North Precinct Advisory Council was The IF Project, a collaboration of agencies and incarcerated people in Washington that runs programs to help incarcerated people break the cycle of crime and supports them with workshops and training to help navigate the transition to a healthy and productive life outside prison. There’s […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes – May 2019

This month’s special presentation was about the Regional Domestic Violence Firearms Enforcement Unit. We already had laws on the books about violent domestic violence offenders giving up their firearms, but there was no funding to enforce it; it was on the honor system. But now this unit helps enforce the laws, and gets far […]