Pinehurst Pocket Park – Our Gem

Pinehurst pocket park got a good review here (it says it’s a small park gem):

The photos were taken August 2011, and note that then-3-year-old neighbor Evan’s finger painting is gracing the kiosk.

This is a nifty website if you want to look for Seattle parks. There are tabs to – a map of […]

Some Pinehurst History

I took a look at old Seattle Times papers for information on Pinehurst. There was a Pinehurst community that was a suburb of Everett in the beginning of the 20th century, but in 1927 realtor Geo. A. Spencer & Co. advertised tracts for sale in our area:

“Pinehurst for Profit” – Pinehurst located on 15th […]

More on Pinehurst Boundaries

Curious about Pinehurst’s boundaries, I looked in old Seattle Times papers for information.

In an article in March 1939 Pinehurst boundaries were listed as 15th – 19th and 125th – 137th. But later that month another article said they were 15th – 21st and 115th – 123rd.

Then in June 1959 another article said Pinehurst’s […]

New Farmers’ Market in Shoreline

Do you have trouble getting to the Lake City Farmers’ Market on Thursdays? This year Shoreline has a farmers’ market on Saturdays, 10am – 3pm, starting June 16th.

The market is at Shoreline City Hall, upper level, at 17500 Midvale Ave N. It’s right off the Interurban Trail, and there is garage parking for those […]

Help Report Loud Aircraft Over Pinehurst

When I was thinking about moving to Pinehurst 15 years ago I was told that we get a lot of airplane traffic overhead from planes coming north past the airport, then turning around a bit north of us and going south by the same route to land. Before I made an offer on the house […]

Northgate Parking Editorial by Pinehurst Neighbor

A Pinehurst neighbor (and former writer for this site!) has written an editorial on the parking garage being discussed for Northgate. It is on the most prominent transit site in the region and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s certainly worth a read.

Editorial: We Can Do Better Than Another Parking Garage

Wednesday […]

Northgate Station Updates

Sorry for the short notice for those who don’t know this already but there’s a meeting on the Northgate Station tomorrow, Wednesday March 1st. If you can’t attend, you can reach ST’s outreach staff via email instead if you have comments.

March 21, 6:00 – 8:30 PM Northgate Station to Tunnel Portal Construction […]

Recent Update to Pinehurst History

I’ve heard mention of this story before (on this site in fact) but they recently presented Officer Allshaw’s wife, Suzanne, with a Medal of Honor. There’s more on the SPD Blotter site as well as the In Memoriam page.

SPD Presents Medal of Honor to Family of Officer Killed Decades Ago

More than forty […]

We’re in the News Today… Sort Of

This week’s Neighborhood of the Week section in Seattle Times highlights Pinehurst, except they call it Victory Heights. Ha ha ha! The very first sentence is, ‘It’s easy to see why Victory Heights neighbors might be caught in an identity crisis.’ Yeah, because we aren’t Victory Heights! I mean, the north half of Victory Heights […]

North Precinct Advisory Council Minutes for March 2012

The guest speaker at March’s NPAC was Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent of Seattle Parks Dept.

You can see what he says about public safety in parks in the minutes for the meeting, as well as updates from SPD unit officers here.