Northgate Pedestrian Bridge Update – April 2020


Northgate Ped/Bike Bridge construction update

Work is continuing during the current coronavirus restrictions. Here is a statement from SDOT:

At the City of Seattle, we are continuing to follow guidance from federal, state, and local leaders and our public health partners regarding COVID-19. State officials have determined that work on public works projects […]

Message from SPD Captain Sano, North Precinct

A message from our Seattle Police Department North Precinct’s Captain Eric Sano dated March 30, 2020:

“To all North Precinct residents, business owners and workers, this COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the way we all live and interact. We are definitely in unprecedented times and unchartered waters! I understand the fear and apprehension you all […]

KCTS-9 Decorating Challenge

Here’s a movement KCTS 9 is starting – to decorate our homes’ outward facing spaces to bring joy to our neighbors. Here’s the message:

“At KCTS 9, we believe that our COMMUNITY is our greatest strength in times of adversity. The novel coronavirus has significantly changed the ways we interact with our family, friends and […]

Pinehurst Picks

During our ‘stay home’ order for virus safety, we can still take walks for exercise. It’s really nice to see people out walking, respectfully keeping a good 6 feet from each other, and saying Hi. We’re seeing fun ephemeral things on our walks such as the stuffed bears in windows so kids can have a […]

2020 Tax Filing Resources

While in-person tax preparation locations are now closed due to COVID-19, United Way of King County is offering free online tax preparation services. There are two convenient free web-based filing options available to you, your family members, and your community.

United Way is offering free online tax preparation services through the end of […]

Thanks for 2020 Pocket Park Cleanup Work

About 10 neighborhood volunteers came out on sunny Sunday March 15 for the annual Pinehurst Pocket Park cleanup. We spent a couple hours weeding and mulching and the park is looking good for another year! Thanks to all who came out, Garth Ferber

Road Rules – Tanking Up

Maybe you’ve seen people do it – put the fuel nozzle in their gas tank and get back inside their car to wait. Is that OK? While you’re not legally obligated to stand at the pump as you fill, you might want to think twice about hopping back in your car.

Exiting and re-entering a […]