Northgate Upzone Proposal

Michelle Chen from the Mayor’s Office will be presenting information on the proposed Northgate Legislative Upzone at the Wednesday, November 7th North District Council Meeting.

The City is proposing to upzone a number of lots between Roosevelt and Meridian along Northgate Way. In some places, the upzone would go farther north than Northgate Way and […]

It’s Ugly, Stupid – The Stranger gets it right on neighborhood views on development

Jonah Spangenthal-Lee was dead on right about neighborhood reaction to certain development. He sees that many Seattleites support density. They just don’t want to live in neighborhoods that are poorly planned and with cheap, ugly and poorly constructed buildings.

Some developers, like Dunn & Hobbes and Pryde & Johnson, have worked to build projects which […]

Smart Neighbors

Check out the Smart Neighbors blog for some good research, links and current news on Seattle development issues. It is also well written and funny.

Neighborhood Issues

We are still listening to hear what neighborhood concerns are. What we have heard so far is:

Pinehurst Community BuildingIncrease the ways that community members have to interact with each other.Help residents to get to know their neighbors better.Be inclusive of all who live in our neighborhood. Be sure to reach out to residents of […]

Greenworks Realty

Ben Kaufman and Danielle Johnson from Greenworks Realty came to our most recent Pinehurst Planning and Development Group meeting. They are real estate agents who also believe in building sustainable communities. Check out their web site for information on sustainable building practices, what you can do to make your home greener, and on their agency, […]

Are you and your neighbors prepared for a disaster/large scale emergency?

The City of Seattle has developed the SNAP Program (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) to help Seattle residents prepare for any potential emergency.

One special aspect of this program is that it is about neighbors working with neighbors to prepare and to assist each other in an emergency such as earthquakes, floods, power outages, and major […]