The Legislation is Moving to Full Council for Vote

The City Council Development and Planning Committee (Richard Conlin, Tom Rasmussen, Jean Godden and Peter Steinbrueck) voted unanimously to send the proposed legislation that would allow Safeway to apply for a rezone to build a new “green” store to full council for vote.

Thank you to all who wrote letters, sent statements and who came […]

Article from this week’s Stranger – by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee

PINEHURST The city council’s Urban Development and Planning Committee met November 28, after The Stranger went to press, to discuss whether Safeway should be allowed a rezone in North Seattle, which would allow them to build a new “green” store. “The entire store needs to be leveled and rebuilt,” says North District Council cochair Renee […]

You will be able to see the Green Safeway Supporters at the Urban Development and Planning Hearing – They will be wearing these stickers:

Council Central Staff Recommends that Council Approve the Proposed Legislation

Legislative DepartmentSeattle City CouncilMemorandum

Date: November 14, 2007

To: Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck, ChairCouncilmember Tom Rasmussen, Vice ChairCouncilmember Richard Conlin, MemberUrban Development and Planning (UDP) Committee

From: Michael Jenkins, Council Central Staff

Subject: Council Bill (CB) 116066, amending portions of the Land Use Code to add an additional exemption to the rezone criteria for single-family zones […]

Bridging the Gap – Final Projects

Unfortunately the sidewalks on 115th or 125th between Roosevelt and 5th NE are not yet in the cards. The Neighborhood Street Fund – Large Project Review Team decisions were announced today. Only one project is able to be funded in the North District: a sidewalk to Sacajawea Elementary School on 20th Ave NE from 98th […]

Survey – Pinehurst Shelter House

This is from Lorna:

Hi Pinehursters,

Below is a link to a survey for the Pinehurst Shelter House. It is the first step in the redesign of the well-loved Shelter at Pinehurst Playfield. It was a residential basement in the 1940s that the neighbors turned into a community club when it was still King County […]

Safeway Rezone Proposal – Director’s Report and Recommendation

Here is the text of the DPD Director’s Report and Recommendation regarding the proposed ordinance that would allow Safeway to apply for a rezone in order to build a new “green” Pinehurst store.Amendment to Single Family Rezone Criteria in the Northgate Overlay DistrictSeptember 2007I. IntroductionThe Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is proposing to amend […]

Would you use a walking/biking trail around Jackson Park Golf Course?

The Seattle Parks Foundation has a vision of possible park and trail connections throughout Seattle. One item suggested is a trail around the Jackson Park Golf Course. What do you think about this? Would you use it if it were there? the Bands of Green Report:Jackson Park is virtually the only major open space […]