Public comment period begins for Kohary demolition permits – Due by 2/13/08

The SEPA review comment period has started for the Kohary project at the NE corner of 125th and Roosevelt. Here are the notices. You can make comments on-line. Just follow the links below.

Application for 1026 NE 125th StreetMake your comments regarding the application for 1026 NE 125th Street

Application for 1030 NE 125th StreetMake […]

War and Piece – Neighbors Up in Arms over "Piecemealing"

Here is an article by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee from this week’s Stranger on piecemealing and on the Kohary project at 125th and Roosevelt:

Greg at Smarter Neighbors also has a good and, as always, a witty post on the Kohary discussions in Pinehurst.

Northgate Rezone Proposal – Postponed

Michelle Chen called to let me know that she will not be at our meeting on Monday because the City is putting the Northgate Rezone project on hold. It is still being considered, but has a lower priority with many other projects going on in the city (South Lake Union, South Downtown, etc.).Information on the […]

Kohary 24 Unit Townhouse Development Planned for 125th and Roosevelt (NE corner)

Miklos Kohary, the developer who built a number of townhouse units at 123rd and 10th Place NE in Pinehurst, is planning another Pinehurst project at the NE corner of 125th and Roosevelt Way.

Kohary plans to tear down the two existing apartment buildings and to build 24 townhouse units and is in the process of […]

Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse Design Meeting – March 8

This is an update from Lorna: (update 1/24/08)The design of Pinehurst Shelter House is in process. It has been a long time in coming. The Shelter is located at Pinehurst Playfield. While most of you know where it is, for others it is on 14th Avenue NE between NE 120th and 123rd Streets. The Shelter […]

Pinehurst Playfield Shelterhouse – 2/2 Meeting Postponed

from Lorna:

I sent out an e-mail recently announcing two design meetings for Pinehurst Shelter House. I’ve been working with Pearl Schaar, Pelltier+Schaar, design architects. P+S presented a highly improved design to Seattle Parks Proreview, and they want additional improvements. We are too close to the Feb 2 meeting to update the plans and budget.


Clean Up Your Act

In 2007, Seattle began a program called “Clean Up Your Act,” which significantly increases fines for landlords and property owners who refuse to repair dilapidated homes, turn their backyards into junkyards or let bushes and weeds grow out of control.

Examples of some common complaints under this program include:

Parking in a required yard Exceeding […]