Pinehurst Pets of the Week: Larry and Lucy

This is Larry and Lucy. They own Jane and her husband (who’s name I do not know!)
Jane tells me that Larry is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd/Lab mix whom she and her husband adopted at 10 weeks from Homeward Pet in Woodinville. He’s a soulful guy and loves people and other dogs. He does tend to bark at the UPS truck, even when it’s just driving past the house. He sounds ferocious, but all he wants to do is jump all over you and say “hi”.
Lucy is just 4 months old and is a mini Australian Shepherd. She loves her big brother and is smart and sassy. She’s a brave one and loves to meet new people and dogs.
Jane is in the process of building a new side fence but is actually loving the open yard to our friends’, Jim and Alicia’s, house. They also have a big yard with lots of trees and the two dogs run around both properties like they’re at the dog park. They love it.
Larry is a frisbee champ and can catch anything you throw to him. Lucy loves to try to steal the frisbee and get Larry to chase her. Larry is as fast as a greyhound and always seems to grab the frisbee back (so far).
Jane mentions that having two dogs has been a lot more work during the puppy stage but it’s also been twice the love. My experience with having two dogs was that when all was well, it was less than twice the work — apparently this is a topic of some discussion. To wit:

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