Draft Agenda for our May 4th Pinehurst Community Meeting

Below is a draft agenda for our quarterly Pinehurst meeting. We are in the process of finalizing it and confirming guests. We will post the final agenda this week.

Draft agenda:

1. Crime prevention and Block Watch – Diane Horswill, Seattle Police Department North Precinct Crime Pervention – 15 min

2. 15th Ave Bridge Rehabilitation Project – Seattle Department of Transportation presentation – 10 min

3. Introduction of Michael Neguse and Tsegay Berhe of Eritrean Kidisti Selassie Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Pinehurst – 5 to 10 min

4. Jennifer Wieland and/or Barbara Gray present on the draft Pedestrian Master Plan (that will be released May 1st) – 15 min

5. TBD

6. Candidates who are running for Seattle City Council and other local positions have been invited to attend the meeting to learn about Pinehurst issues and to talk with community members before or after the formal meeting.

2 comments to Draft Agenda for our May 4th Pinehurst Community Meeting

  • Anonymous

    Do Pinehurst meetings fall routinely on a particular day of the month (e.g. last Monday) or just a Monday when there is sufficient business? I noticed that the most recent meetings seem not to have a day pattern.


  • Renee

    We meet three times per year and we have been meeting on Mondays for the past two years. Our meetings generally are January, May and September (give or take).

    When we met more often, folks felt that it was difficult to make all of the meetings. So, we moved it to the current schedule. Everything can change. Let us know if you have thoughts on how we could improve what we are doing.

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