Pedestrian Master Plan Brownbag Lunch (sponsored by Great City)

If you missed the discussion about the Pedestrian Master Plan at the Pinehurst Community Meeting this week, you may be interested in the Great City brownbag on the topic next week:

Pedestrian Master Plan Brownbag Lunch
Thursday, May 14th
12:00 – 1:30 pm
GGLO Space at the Steps (enter through door located about ¼ of the way down the Harbor Steps)
1301 First Ave, Level A

On Thursday, May 7, Mayor Greg Nickels announced the release of Seattle’s draft Pedestrian Master Plan. The plan aims to establish Seattle as the most walkable city in the nation through its goals of safety, equity, vibrancy, and health. The plan looks at the needs of pedestrians across the city and helps to identify and prioritize projects in areas with the greatest need. The plan provides direction for City staff, private developers, and individual property owners. Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan is a web-based plan, available at

To give you a chance to learn more about the plan, Jennifer Wieland, Associate Transportation Planner at SDOT, will join us to present the plan and answer your questions.

Great City’s brownbag lunch forum series is generously hosted by GGLO

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