New Leadership for Pinehurst (Update)

Last week, I posted about the need for new people to lead projects in the neighborhood. Here is a list of the projects that need leaders and the status of the search:

Jackson Park Trail – The next step for this project is working with a design firm to work with the neighborhood and Parks and Recreation to refine the trail plan. Funding and resources are already there. And, I am happy to be a resource and to help out as asked. This is a very exciting project and will be highly rewarding on many levels for whoever takes it on. A few people have expressed some interest in this project.

North District Council – The council meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at Lake City Library. Representatives from all the neighborhoods in North District (Cedar Park, Meadowbrook, Lake City, Olympic Hills, Maple Leaf, Pinehurst) attend the monthly meeting and are briefed on city-wide issues and have a chance to network with other neighborhoods on issues that impact all of us. City Council and City department heads often attend these meetings. Phillip Duggan has volunteered to be the new Pinehurst rep to North District Council.

North Precinct Advisory Council/Crime Prevention Efforts – The council meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month at North Precinct (on Meridian near North Seattle Community College). Crime prevention is one of the top issues of concern for Pinehurst neighbors. If this is an issue for you, here is a way to make a difference. A few people have expressed some interest in this role.

Pinehurst Community Council – The council meets to share information with community members on current issues. The meeting schedule can be as needed or three times annually (as was done this past year based on neighborhood feedback). One person has expressed interest in running for President of Pinehurst Community Council.

Pinehurstfest – The annual Pinehurst neighborhood social event has been well attended for the past two years. Local musicians and business owners have been very supportive of the event and look forward to a 2010 event. Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Meadowbrook Community Center has helped us in planning and executing the event. And, there is a team of hard-working and creative neighborhood organizers who have made the event a success.

115th Sidewalk – NE 115th St between 5th Ave NE and Pinehurst Way NE should have a sidewalk. We have a design and a group of neighbors who want to see the project realized. The issue is funding. The project needs a tenacious cheerleader to keep it on the radar of city leaders so that when funding opens up, this project

Do any of these sound exciting to you? Call or e-mail me (366-9472) or Garth Ferber (440-8289).

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