Pinehurst Safeway: The rezone for the new store is almost complete

The Seattle City Council Planning Land Use and Neighborhoods Committee (PLUNC) met at 9:30 this morning and agreed to move the rezone vote to full Council. Safeway needs to sign the Property Use and Development Agreement (PUDA) and register it before the Council vote. This should take a week or so. Stay tuned for the notice of the full Council vote. Also, I will post the PUDA and a link to video of today’s PLUNC meeting when they are available.


  • Here is the layout for the new store from the design review packet:

  • The Property Use and Development Agreement (PUDA) can be viewed here.
  • It sounds like Monday, October 26th may be the day that full Council votes on the Pinehurst Safeway rezone. If that is how it works out, we will have even more reason to celebrate at the October 26th Pinehurst Community Council meeting.
  • You can watch today’s PLUNC meeting here. (start at 8:00)

3 comments to Pinehurst Safeway: The rezone for the new store is almost complete

  • Phillip

    Has there been any discussion of the internal layout yet? I saw the excitement on the bakery and muffins drawn onto the board but what about things like those bulk bins some stores have? There's a LOT more space and I'm starting to wonder about how it gets used…

  • Renee

    Phillip –

    I updated the post with the image of the store layout from the design review packet.

    I am not sure about bulk bins, but will ask.


  • jen

    I’m confused about the single-family rezoning? Where are the 3 houses that are being rezoned? They would just be replaced by the bigger footprint of the store? They aren’t being rezoned for multi-family housing or something like that, right? I think the plans look great, and don’t seem all that different from what is there now. Except for a nicer place to shop. I never go to this Safeway, but would if it were nicer.

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