Representative needed for Thornton Creek Watershed Oversight Council

Pinehurst doesn’t currently have a representative on the Thorton Creek Watershed Oversight Council.

From Cheryl Klinker, Chair of Thornton Creek Watershed Oversight Council:

I chair the Thornton Creek Watershed Oversight Council which is an organization originally formed to provide oversight for the five year action agenda from the Thornton Creek Watershed Plan. Most of the action items have been completed and we are now working on ongoing oversight and updates to the action plan. Thornton Creek is an important resource that provides drainage and habitat areas for several neighborhoods within the watershed, including Pinehurst. This is why we feel it is critical to have representation from each of these neighborhoods. The Council also includes representatives from departments and agencies who have the expertise to address concerns related to Thornton Creek and its many tributaries. It brings together the expertise and direct experience that can provide a variety of perspectives and thus often better solutions.

Please let me know if you’re interested in representing Pinehurst to the Thornton Creek Watershed Oversight Council —
send me a message at

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