Please Remember to Vote!

After the school post I wanted to remind everybody that there’s a ballot out right now for the February 9th special election. It contains Seattle school levies.

Capital Levies (Proposition No. 1) provide the funds to renew and replace aging buildings with modern and efficient facilities. In addition, capital levy and bond funds are used for improvements in athletic fields, classrooms, technology and mechanical equipment.

Operations Levies (Proposition No. 2) support core SPS programs by providing nearly 25 percent of the funds for the District’s day-to-day operating expenses. These funds help pay for teachers instructional assistants, full-day kindergarten, sixth period at high school, student activities such as drama, music and athletics, and security and student transportation.

Ballots can be dropped off at drop boxes thought here aren’t many of them anymore. Otherwise, you’ll have to mail it.

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