Pinehurst Fire

I don’t have many details but there’s a fire response going on in Pinehurst still. And it looks big enough and timely enough I thought it would be worth sharing.

2/7/2010 2:28:10 PM – 2223 Ne 125th St Fire in Single Family Res

There were a LOT of units responding though as of 5-10 minutes ago it was down to only STAF10.
A2 AIR9 B4 B6 DEP1 E24 E31 E39 E40 L5 L9 M31 SAFT2 STAF10

[EDIT: I’m adding a couple pictures Renee was nice enough to send.]


2 comments to Pinehurst Fire

  • ScanMan

    Sounds like this was an confirmed arson. Police have been searching the neighborhood for a man in his 50’s wearing a black hoodie, blue jacket and black pants. Apparently police know the name of the guy. Wonder if this was related to the fire yesterday around the area of the vacant houses behind Safetway. An area that has become the neighborhood dumping ground (just check out the boat filled with garbage that someone was nice enough to leave..)

  • sarah in Seattle

    Do we know when they are going to clean up all their burnt crap they left on the front yard? Looks really bad

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