Pellet Gun Incident near 125th

Yesterday (2/8/2010) one of the Audubon members who studies Merlins in our neighborhood encountered a man near 125th holding a crow.  The man said it had just fallen out of the sky with an injured wing.  She took the crow to a wildlife rehabilitation center where it was discovered the crow had been shot by a pellet gun.  If you see someone using a pellet gun improperly please call 911.  We don’t want wildlife, pets or people injured in our neighborhood!

3 comments to Pellet Gun Incident near 125th

  • Nancy Lygren

    I am sorry to report that on Sunday, February 6th I found a dead crow in my yard. My cats had been in the house for the several days prior so I am confident it was not a cat, nor could a cat catch a crow. I suspect the same person has been shooting at them. I live at 125th and 25th N.E.

  • biliruben

    Man. That takes balls. I would never be so foolish as to get on the wrong side of our brother crows.

    They hold a grudge.

  • Chip

    I found a dead robin in my driveway when I can home tonight… looks like it may have been shot. Is there a non-911 contact for this kind of thing?

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