Safeway Update

Renee sent out an email which included the proposed timeline for the Safeway construction and I wanted to make sure everybody saw it. Especially since they’ll be closing next week. We’re almost there and we’ll have a brand new store very soon. Well, very soon as far as construction projects go…

Store closure – February 27
Pharmacy opens in trailer – March 1
Demolition – complete by mid-May
Site work/building construction – complete early to mid October
Soft opening – early November
Grand opening – early December

They’re opening up the temporary pharmacy in the parking lot as soon as the store closes. And in somewhat more recent news, the store will be LEED Certified instead of just LEED Certifiable.

Safeway Pharmacy

Also, LakeCityLive had a writeup about the Safeway and some of the other news going on recently..

New and Improved Safeway Comes to Neighborhood Ridden with Crow Murderers.

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