Spring Clean Your Neighborhood

Fliers have been sent out on the city’s Spring Clean 2010 program. What projects in Pinehurst would people be interested in seeing done?

Spring Clean—held each year in April and May—is Seattle’s premier clean up event. Spring Clean provides opportunities for citizens to clean up Seattle’s public open spaces of their choice with city support.

Typical volunteer projects include litter pick ups, invasive plant removal, storm drain stenciling, graffiti removal, and general area beautification.

Free Help
City support includes planning assistance, gloves, safety vests, disposal bags, transfer station passes, and waste pick ups.

If you have a project that needs some clean up work, as long as it is on City of Seattle property, we can help!

There’s a registration form on the website which can be used for both individuals and groups.

1 comment to Spring Clean Your Neighborhood

  • Elly Hale

    Along 145th between I-5 and 15th NE, and along 15th between 125th and 145th, the sidewalk (on both sides) is crowded by mushy leaves, road grit, fallen branches, etc. On 145th there are overhanging blackberry vines and the slopes are encroaching on the sidewalk. For people walking or in wheelchairs, it can be a problem. It might encourage walking. As a cyclist, I use the sidewalk along 145th to avoid the street, so I’m motivated to get that area in particular cleared out. Perhaps someone else out there would want to join me?

    I’m also always happy to stake out a neighborhood for trash and invasive removal. The dead end north of the QFC near Display and Costume is routinely trashed out. The little park there could stand a mass turnout to remove invasives–blackberry, ivy, holly are moving back in on the cleared areas.

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