North District Council and NE 115th Sidewalk

There’s another possible funding source for NE 115th St!

I previously wrote about how Pinehurst had come in 4th for the Bridging the Gap Large Project Fund recommendations from the North District Council. It had come down to a single vote in a tie breaker but they were only considering the top 3 so it was eliminated.

At the meeting this afternoon we toured, discussed, and ranked projects for the Neighborhood Street Fund (NPF) and a section of NE 115th St came in first. This is a much smaller amount so it’s only looking at a section from 5th Ave NE and 8th Ave NE but the hope is that smaller pieces can be combined to fill in the blanks over time.

4 comments to North District Council and NE 115th Sidewalk

  • Renee

    That is great news. And, the 5th Ave to 8th Ave section seems to be the most dangerous given the slope and drainage issues.

  • Thomas Mercer

    All I can say is “Good!” Let’s hope we can get something that will work well there and then add the section from 8th to Roosevelt.

  • Michelle

    Given the large number of families with small children, it would be wise to incorporate sidewalks to insure the safety of our younger pedestrians.

  • Debbie Robinson

    Here are the kids using 115th between 5th and 8th:
    – On NE 115th between 5th and 8th, 9 kids ranging in age from 1-15
    – On 7th NE, a dead end that can only be accessed from NE 115th: At least 6 kids ranging in age from 2-12. There are also a few rental houses on the street that sometimes have kids living in them.
    So 15 kids and their parents will be very grateful for this short stretch of sidewalk!
    – We also have 5 senior citizens on NE 115th between 5th and 8th, who will appreciate a safer place to walk.
    It will be excellent when the whole street has a safe sidewalk, as this is a neighborhood that attracts young families.

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