Thank You Everybody!

I really want to thank everybody who emailed me or commented on the latest sidewalk post. I haven’t responded to as many as I’d like yet but I have read everything. Obviously it’s an important issue to a lot of people but it’s amazing to see that much energy despite how slow the process has been.  I also love seeing that much discussion in general.  I wish all the posts could be that exciting.

Sidewalks were definitely a large part of the discussion on the Lake City walking tour with Mike McGinn. You can see me helping the picture there by deciding to eat at that exact moment… There was also a little bit of discussion on a streetcar and the People for a Northgate to Lake City Streetcar Facebook group was mentioned.

And last and certainly not least, I wanted to remind everybody that Pinehurst is going to get it’s own chance to talk about our priorities soon.  The Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith will be doing walking tour of Pinehurst on Monday, April 26 from 4:00-5:00 pm.  The details are still being worked out but the Safeway site and NE 115th St are going to be on the list.  I know the time is a bit awkward but anybody who can make it is welcome to attend.  With the level of enthusiasm I saw earlier I’m sure we could leave quite an impression.

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  • Gary

    I would like to see a sidewalk because my mother is in Merrill Gardens and she likes to walk out the back door. That puts her on 115th Street, which is very busy and cars are helter skelter making sight lines difficult, and harder for cars to see walkers.

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