Pinehurst Walking Tour!

Join us for a walking tour of Pinehurst with the Deputy Mayor!

Monday, April 26th from 4:00 – 5:00pm (This Monday!)

Starting downstairs at the Holy Trinity Eritrean Church, across the street from the Safeway site.

We had a really good talk with the Mayor in Lake City and larger district-wide issues like sidewalks were a big part of the discussion.  Now Pinehurst is going to be hosting the Deputy Mayor Darryl Smith for our own walking tour.  It will be a short trip so we hope to fit in as much as we can.  We’ll be starting in the downstairs open space at the Eritrean Church.  Mostly this is because it’s a large indoor space (for the always unknown weather) but it also allows us to discuss the future plans to make it a more usable space for the community.  From here we’ll start walking and we’ll take a look at the Safeway site, the Pinehurst Playfield and Shelter House, and many of the sidewalks throughout Pinehurst.  We’ll be making our way to NE 115th St though we probably won’t make it along the full length.

Pinehurst residents are strongly encouraged to attend, especially anybody who has been involved in the sidewalk projects on NE 115th St and the numerous discussions about sidewalks we’ve had.  I know it’s not the most convenient time of day but this will be a great chance to make our voices heard on many local issues.

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