Sept. 16 Town Hall with Mayor McGinn!

Transportation related projects (sidewalks, traffic calming, rechannelization, crosswalks) are expected to be the main topic of discussion.  If there was ever a time to advocate, this is it.  The mayor, the head of Seattle Department of Transportation and the staff of the program that funds these projects will be there.  It is also a great time to thank the City for things you are happy with.

Join us for a Town Hall with Mayor Mike McGinn.

Thursday, September 16, Mayor Mike McGinn will come to St. Matthew Parish Hall for a Town Hall. Please join us.
6:00-6:30 Open House
Representatives from city departments will be on hand to hear from you.
6:30-7:30 Town Hall
Ask Mayor McGinn questions about issues that matter to your neighborhood. This portion of the evening will be moderated by Renee Staton, Pinehurst community member.

St Matthew Parish Hall
1240 NE 127th Street
Seattle WA 98125.

Parking in parish lot or on nearby streets. Bus #41 runs along NE 125th St.

For more information, please contact North District Council chair Phil Shack,, 954-8179, or North District Coordinator Ed Pottharst, .

Note: Originally, there was only going to be a North District Council meeting on Sept. 16.  However, it has since been decided to combine it with the Town Hall, and with the anticipated larger turnout, the venue was changed to St Matthew Parish Hall.  I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this change.

Note #2: The format has been updated again.  The North District Council meeting will still be following this but I’m moving that to another post to try to alleviate some confusion.

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