IBS Treatment Center moves to Pinehurst


Pinehurst resident Thomas Mercer and his business partner are moving their medical clinic to the Northgate Pointe building – Sy Iffert’s new building at the south edge of Pinehurst between Roosevelt Way and Pinehurst Way.

Our medical clinic draws patients from across North America and around the world. We are excited to be in Pinehurst and hope to contribute to all the good things going on here. We will be open for business starting Monday September 27th.

For more information about the clinic, visit A press release about the move is here.

2 comments to IBS Treatment Center moves to Pinehurst

  • jen

    Glad that building is going to be put into use and therefore the stalled construction that blocked a sidewalk I didn’t know I used so much wasn’t all in vain.

  • Thomas Mercer

    Jen – Thanks for your patience with the construction. I hope you like the new, improved sidewalk and the awning that should provide a bit of protection from the rain this winter.

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