*Pinehurst Residential Burglary Report: September 2010

If you have any questions on crime prevention, or if you would like to form a block watch, please contact Diane Horswill ( or 206-684-7711) at the North Precinct.

9/7  300blk NE 117th  the victim was away from 5:45AM until noon, when he returned he discovered cash, musical equipment and art had been stolen, there was no sign of forced entry

9/14  11000blk 5th NE  the victim was visiting some friends within her apt. building and left her door unlocked, when she returned she discovered that some of her jewelry had been stolen

9/16  11500blk 6th Pl NE  at about 4:00PM  the neighbors observed  two white males knock on door of this house and then go around to the back, the neighbors went over and saw a broken window and yelled to the suspects, they watched as the suspects left, officers responded a did an area check and contacted two teens who fit the suspect descriptions, one of the teens admitted he entered the house “to take a poop”  the neighbors positively identified the suspects and they were taken into custody

9/16  800blk NE 123rd  the victim was gone for most of the day, when he returned he found his electric razor, and a  small amount of cash missing, he also found some sand in the bathtub, there was no sign of forced entry, the victim believes the suspect entered via the dog door

9/19  12000blk 5th NE  the victim lives in a trailer in his son’s back yard,  he was out of town for a few days and when he returned he found several items missing from the trailer,  he believes his son stole the items as they are in a dispute

9/22  800blk NE 102nd  officers were dispatched to an alarm call at this house, they found a broken side door,  it appeared the suspect entered, set off the alarm and fled, nothing was missing

*unofficial stats

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