Thanksgiving Donations for Nickelsville and Tent City 3

In the spirit of community and Thanksgiving, we invite you to join your neighbors and students at St. Catherine School in Maple Leaf to collect food items for the residents of Nickelsville in Lake City and Tent City 3 in Meadowbrook.

What is needed: Food items that don’t need to be heated or refrigerated. Good examples are fruit, breakfast bars, muffins, small bottles of fruit juice and meat sticks. Other great contributions are small bottles of Purell and hand wipes.

How to make a donation: Drop off your donations at the Lake City Neighborhood Service Center (12525 28th Avenue Northeast
Seattle, WA 98125-4319) Monday 11/22 – Wednesday 11/24 from 8 am to 5 pm. Please note that no money contributions can be accepted. **

Deadline: All donations need to be received by Wednesday afternoon, November 24th. St. Catherine students and parents will assemble gift bags (decorated with Thanksgiving messages by the students) on Wednesday night and will deliver them on Thursday morning.

Questions?: Renee Staton,, 206-225-5739

**Note: If you cannot donate at the Lake City Service Center, please contact Renee Staton at the above phone/e-mail to arrange an alternative drop-off.

1 comment to Thanksgiving Donations for Nickelsville and Tent City 3

  • Hoang nguyen

    Dear Seattle Tent City.
    My name is Hoang Nguyen and I am doing this project. That project is to collect blankets and donated it to the homeless of Seattle, and I need some help for example who do I tak to? Or how do I contact one of your person that deal with this kinda work?

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