Defending Victory Creek Park

Here’s a Youtube video made by a Pinehurst neighbor and his son, documenting their efforts to clean up Victory Creek Park. Thanks, Chad!

(Sad blogger moment: I tried to embed the video in this post, but I couldn’t figure out how.)

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  • Sue

    For some reason I just get a blank on this video but hope you all know how this park originated. There was a PUDA (development agreement) with QFC and the city that in exchange for some favors QFC would develop this park. See pages E18-E27 Northgate Comprehensive Plan
    Please read. many times neighbors are not aware of and do not try to maintain enforcement of these PUDAS. I have half killed myself over the years doing that sort of thing, I am passing the torch on this, go for it.

  • Sue, thanks so much for that link and the information! My son and I just got sick of it and started working on it this summer.

    The video starts with a bunch of slides, then goes into clips of us working on it. I’m not that great with videos. You can see them all in raw form here:

  • kThank you for doing this work.

    You could get a lot of help from Green Seattle Partnership if you wish, even become a Forest Steward, and get Parks Dept support also. Sounds like you already have some work groups lined up.
    For a Licorice Fern Natural Area workparty recently the Parks Dept “Natural Areas Crew” brought us wheelbarrows, shovels, pruners, etc. and stayed to help supervise the 7th graders.

  • Eric Madis

    Hi Chad and All,

    I was the Creek Steward there at Victory Creek Park for the past 6 years, with my son Alika. When Alika went to Boston to college, I continued to serve as a creek steward, but it was rare to get volunteers, although I was listed in a number of volunteer opportunity sites, including Seattle City Parks volunteering. Alika and I not only maintained that land for six years, but he and I built that path from the end of 12th Ave. NE to the bridge in the park for his senior project at Nathan Hale H.S. Anyway, in the past year, I have put almost no time into the project, although I certainly would if I had just a little bit of help. The invasive species need some real attention.

    Incidentally, that land (with exception of the small parcel from NE 112th to the fence line of the neighbors to the north (which is the property of the Seattle Department of Transportation), is the property of City of Seattle Parks, and any work crews taken in there should be reported to them. Theresa McEwen at Seattle Parks is the person to report to. With the help of Jody Blecksmith, a master gardener from Seattle Parks, we have planted many native plants in that wetland. However, keeping the invasives from overpowering them is difficult without a crew of 2-3 people to do so. The reason why the north pathway in that wetland has never been improved and a bridge was never built there is because SDOT would not give permission to build one in an
    “environmentally sensitive area”, although they tolerate ramshackle/makeshift bridges like pallets, boards and whatnot being thrown over the creek at that spot. Go figure.
    I have maps of this land on my computer that define the boundaries of those two different parts of the wetland.

    I would like to continue working down there, although I was only available one Sunday per month, which is probably why Chad has not asked me to participate. However, I would still like to, if he wants to work with me on that.

    We really need help removing the most persistent invasive species in there: morning glory. The Himalayan Blackberry is rough, but it is easier to to control and it does not choke off as many of the native plants as the morning glory, which kills everything, including the blackberry! Most of the English ivy has been removed, although there are some areas of that wetland where it still abounds.

    I appreciate what Chad and his son have done, as I was hoping some family might take over from what Alika and I did from 2006-2011.

  • Nancy

    I can help pull invasives, just let me know. I do restorations with EarthCorps on occasion.

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