Licorice Fern Natural Area Plan

Friends of Thornton Creek Park #1 has morphed to Friends of Licorice Fern Natural Area, and the Plan for improvements to the Natural Area have now been published online, the link is in the announcement post at and the special page explaining its origin and format at
There will be printed copies of the Plan at the Lake City and Northgate libraries in a few weeks.
The text of the announcement post is:
Read the Plan for Licorice Fern Natural Area online here  or read details about how the plan came about here .  We are proud to have completed the planning process with this final plan approved by the Department of Parks and Recreation.  Check out pages 19-24 which outline the steps we need to take to restore LFNA’s forest and wildlife habitat.
Join us in implementing this far-reaching plan, likely to be a 20-year effort.   Email:  LFNAFriends  @

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