New sidewalk completed on NE 115th St

The new sidewalk on NE 115th St is finished! SDOT will be returning soon to plant the two street trees in the planting strip. Since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I refer you to this photograph gallery.

Sidewalk 11/28/2011

9 comments to New sidewalk completed on NE 115th St

  • Renee

    Love it. Nice work. I hope it makes walking easier for everyone and that the full street can be completed as well.

  • It’s great to see it done and I hope the other sections won’t take nearly as long.

  • Garth Ferber

    Good work folks!

  • John Sweeney

    Check out the new sidewalk on on 26th Ave NE between NE 125th and NE 127th. Even has some spiffy art in it…

  • Sue

    I just saw the street trees today. It’s a start. Keep the pressure on to get the rest done

  • Karen McGough

    Where on 115th does it have side walks—between what streets??

    Why are we not getting sidewalks along 30th
    Avenue NE from 127th to 145th? This street has has not only a lot of traffic but a lot of pedestrians and students walking to various schools, catching the buses, etc.

    25th NE, South from 125th, is heavily traveled with cars and trucks which use as a shortcut to get to 125th or to Lake City Way on 117th or 115th. On 25th South from 125th down to 120th there are many areas where the pedestrians have no way to get out of the way of vehicles, especially where the bridge goes over Thorton Creek. This is unsafe to walk at any time and at night when it is raining and people walking home from the bus, it is very treacherous for them and the drivers who have difficulty seeing them on the road.

  • Karen, this is between 5th and 7th Ave NE.

  • Amy Wimmer

    Silly me to not read the details about this sidewalk. Here I was, walking along 115th, eagerly awaiting this magnificent sidewalk which would protect me from all the traffic. Looking and looking….

    It’s one block long. One whole block. I think the hype was so out of proportion to the results that I’ll probably never believe another headline I read here. Okay, I’ll believe headlines, but WHY ALL THAT HYPE? ONE BLOCK?!?!?

    Call me when they decide to connect it to something.

    • Amy, don’t trash things which seem insignificant to you. I can tell you that any improvement on 115th is welcome and celebrated. That area was dangerous due to cars turning quickly from 5th to 115th.

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