Solarize Seattle Project Coming to NE Seattle!

Solar power is viable here in Western Washington; it can save money, help reduce carbon emissions and help with energy independence. The “Solarize” projects are neighborhood efforts designed to bring affordable solar energy to Seattle residential neighborhoods and the next Solarize Seattle project will be available for zip codes 98105, 98115 & 98125. The project, “Solarize Seattle: Northeast”, is getting started with the help of the nonprofit organizations Northwest SEED and Sustainable NE Seattle.

Neighborhood volunteers are working to get information about the project out to the eligible areas because registration for participation starts soon, January 17, 2012 and ends April 23, 2012. Free informational workshops make attendees eligible for a free assessment on solar installations by experienced vetted contractors. Savings are increased using group buying power, plus, state and federal incentives, making this project an excellent opportunity for affordable solar installations.

Queen Anne completed its project, Magnolia is completing theirs and NE Seattle is ready to be the next area to take advantage of this local effort to increase affordable residential solar installations. More information is at (or and interested neighbors can sign-up now at the website to get an email when registration begins January 17.

A contact person is Project Coordinator, Alexandra Sawyer, at Northwest SEED, 206-457-5403 or, website Press release information is available on the website.

On the website you can see the upcoming workshops at Meadowbrook Community Center, Mountaineers and Northgate Community Center.

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