Upcoming Community Council Meeting?

It has been quite a while since our last Pinehurst Community Council meeting and we’re currently in the process of planning the next one. We haven’t picked a date yet but we wanted to get some feedback first.

Do you have specific concerns about the neighborhood right now? Anybody you would like to hear from?┬áIs there a project you think we should be working on? Something you have been working on that you want to share with the community or get help on? We’ve got a lot of our own ideas we plan on bringing but we wanted to see what you all thought too.

4 comments to Upcoming Community Council Meeting?

  • Renee

    Northgate station area planning – Invite DPD, King County & Sound Transit for a briefing.

    Sidewalks – New funding ideas? What projects are important to people in the neighborhood besides completing NE 115th?

    Seattle schools update – Invite Sherry Carr and Sharon Peaslee and/or local school principals (School enrollment starts at the end of February and we have a growing number of neighborhood kids who are starting school now or in the next year.)

  • Garth Ferber

    I would be interested in Ngate station info!

  • Lorna Mrachek

    Stuff stolen out the newly redesigned shelter house. First, microwave stolen. Second, artwork stolen.

  • The street lights on pinehurst way near 115th have yet to be replaced.

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