Closing in On a Drug House

Sometimes on a walk to the library I’ve noticed unusual activity at a house near NE 127th St & 25th Ave NE. For instance, one morning a guy holding a beer was in the empty street yelling. I learned recently it’s a known drug house. Here is a report on what SPD is doing about it:

“Officer Kipp Strong was contacted by phone about our friendly neighborhood drug house yesterday. He said that they are in the process of abatement. Abatement is a last resort for closing down a drug house in which the state takes the property away from the property owner. The house is a rental. The owner lives 3 doors away. She is reluctant to evict the tenants for reasons unknown. The tenants are not complying with requests that they stop the criminal activities, and will eventually be evicted either by the city or by the owner. DPD is also pursuing land use code violations.

There were 3 felony warrant arrests made there in the last week of January. The police are making it a priority to drive by the house and stop if something does not look right. The best thing that we can do to help SPD is call 911 if anything looks suspicious. DON’T BE AFRAID TO CALL. Let them decide if the info is worthwhile. We are the eyes and ears for the police.  Officer Strong was asked if it would be helpful to record license plate numbers and vehicle make / model info. He said that would be very helpful. Write the info down and send to

There is also one person ( that I know of  ) that frequents the house that has been going door to door in the neighborhood looking for landscape work. You can tell him that you do not want his services and for him not to return. If he returns, he is trespassing and can be arrested. ”

Me again. At the last North Precinct Advisory Council the arrests were announced. The officer said there were about ten people in the house when they came to make the arrests. I can attest to the fact that police are cruising by the house – I’ve seen them do it. Hopefully this saga will end soon and our neighborhood will be a little bit cleaner.

This report is another reminder that the police like it when we call 911 about suspicious activity. We should not be afraid that our call doesn’t warrant emergency attention.

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