Occupied Burglary Report

This message came today from Terrie Johnston, SPD Crime Prevention Coordinator. Please note her recommendations for crime prevention in the home:

“Please be aware that yesterday and today, in the early morning hours, 3 occupied burglaries occurred – 2 in Maple Leaf neighborhood and 1 near Greenlake.  It appears that the victims in all cases believed that they may have left their doors unlocked.  Wallets, cash, credit cards, purse, Nook and car keys were taken.  Subsequently, the victims’ cars were also stolen.  Unfortunately, in one of the stolen vehicles, the victim reported leaving his cell phone, wallet (social security card inside); and expensive ski equipment.  Our Burglary/Theft detectives are working closely with Patrol officers on evidence collection and our Crime Analysis Detective is studying reports for other leads.

In the meantime, please be diligent about using the locks and latches you have.  Rethink your habit of putting your purse/wallet and car keys on the table upon entering your home.  If you hear of see anything suspicious, please do not hesitate to call 9-1-1.  I am available to conduct free home security surveys if you want to look at what improvements could be made from a burglary prevention standpoint.  We still recommend leaving your front porch light on from dusk until dawn.  Motion-sensitive lights are ideal for side and back yards, and for over carports, driveways, garages, etc.  Watchful empowered neighbors are your best alarms!  Thanks for sharing this information.  My phone at the North Precinct is 206-684-7711.  tj “

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