Northgate Station Updates

Sorry for the short notice for those who don’t know this already but there’s a meeting on the Northgate Station tomorrow, Wednesday March 1st. If you can’t attend, you can reach ST’s outreach staff via email instead if you have comments.

March 21, 6:00 – 8:30 PM Northgate Station to Tunnel Portal Construction
Olympic View Elementary School – 504 NE 95th St, Seattle

This reminder was on SeattleTransitBlog and also comes with a Northgate Parking Update.

I do have some good news on the parking situation at Northgate: multiple sources tell me that Sound Transit are in discussion with the City and other agencies on this subject, and the possibility exists (which I had previously been told was very unlikely) that ST could ask the FTA to remove the stipulation of one-for-one parking replacement in the North Link Record of Decision, a mitigation measure which would effectively force ST to build a parking structure at Northgate. If, like me, you believe that spending millions on “free” parking in a nascent urban center and transit hub is a disastrously awful idea, I would encourage you to attend ST’s Northgate meetings, or to email their community outreach staff — especially if you live near the future Northgate Station.

I was also sent info on a very relevant presentation on the Northgate Urban Center by David Miller to the 46th District Democrats. There is a lot going on right now with Northgate and there are many opportunities to be involved.

David Miller gave us a presentation about the upcoming changes to the Northgate area due to the construction of the Light Rail station which should be completed in 2021. He not only described the changes, he went into the challenges for neighborhood activists, what the issues are with urban housing and how we as activists can get involved. Please click here to view his presentation slides, and get involved in this important local issue!

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