Upcoming NE Northgate Way & 5th Ave NE Project

SDOT has been reaching out to community groups to share information on an upcoming project and this seemed like a good time to make sure everybody was aware of this upcoming project. The previous closures we mentioned in May were related to preparation for this project.

There aren’t details on what construction will look like yet but there’s a lot of info on what the improvements are and the plan calls for construction to start in July and last for four months.

Project News: Construction begins in July!Construction to improve the intersection of Northgate Way and Fifth Avenue NE is expected to start in July and last for four months.  IMPORTANT: Construction will not coincide with the winter holiday seasons.  Evening and weekend work may be necessary to ensure efficient project completion.

Details will be posted here as they become available.

The project to improve the intersection of NE Northgate Way and Fifth Avenue NE is part of the Northgate Coordinated Transportation Investment Plan, which guides private and public transportation investments through 2030, and the Fifth Avenue NE Streetscape Plan developed by the City of Seattle in conjunction with the Northgate community.  It was coordinated with private development in the years before and during the project’s 2008-2009 design and now with full funding construction is moving forward.

 Project Description

Specifically the 2012 project will:

  • Add an additional left-turn lane from westbound NE Northgate Way onto southbound Fifth Ave NE
  • Build a landscaped median with trees on NE Northgate Way just west of the intersection
  • Extend the northbound Fifth Avenue NE right turn lane that turns eastbound onto NE Northgate Way
  • Create decorative crosswalks on all four sides of the intersection
  • Install a new signal system and improve drainage and water quality

In all areas of widening new sidewalks, planting strips
and street trees will be placed

Click for larger

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Project Benefits

wbrfinal.pngKey benefits include:

  • Enhanced transit speed and reliability
  • Safer and more attractive pedestrian environment
  • Improved mall access from the east, reducing congestion

The NE Northgate Way & 5th Avenue NE Intersection and Pedestrian Improvements Project will help buses and all roadway traffic move more smoothly through and into this busy retail core.  With better traffic flow during each timed signal also comes reduced waiting times for pedestrians, at the enhanced crosswalks to be installed on all four sides of the intersection.  Overall, the results will make walking, biking, and riding transit easier.


Construction is scheduled to begin in July and wrap up by November 1, 2012. 

IMPORTANT: Construction will not coincide with the winter holiday seasons



 More Information

Project questions?  Contacts are:

LeAnne Nelson, Communications, 206- 684-3897,
Ron Scharf, Project Manager, 206-684-5192,

Thank you for your patience as we continue work to improve the Northgate area!

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