Olympic View gets Cameras to Catch Speeders

The Maple Leaf Community Council has good news regarding traffic safety at Olympic View Elementary:

We learned last week that an automated camera radar enforcement system will be permanently installed on 5th Avenue NE near Olympic View Elementary. These units are like the automatic red light cameras, but focused on speeders. Those caught speeding will receive citations in the mail.

The radar cameras will be placed between the flashing “School Zone” lights. They should be installed, barring construction problems, in August or early September to be operational when the school year begins.

Thank you very much to all the Olympic View Elementary parents and neighboring residents who wrote emails and complained about speeds. You were right. Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) data show speeds during school zone hours at Olympic View Elementary were among the 5 worst in the city.

2 comments to Olympic View gets Cameras to Catch Speeders

  • Renee

    Eric – Speeds on Pinehurst Way can get to 50 in the morning commute. Do you know if anyone has considered doing this same thing for AS #1?

  • Jean

    Pretty sure I got a ticket doing the speed limit around 4pm – NO CHILDREN PRESENT. I normally donate to Olympic View every year. Not this year, consider my donation going to the city (unfair practices), school loses out. Budgets have to be rectified somehow.

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