Pinehurst CC Meeting This Thursday!

Our next Pinehurst Community Council meeting is this Thursday and everybody is welcome! We’re even buying pizza to make it more welcoming! So spread the word, especially to people who might not follow the blog or the Facebook page. We want their input on how we can better reach out to them.

Pinehurst Community Council Meeting

Thursday, December 6th @ 6:30 pm

Pinehurst Amante Pizza and Pasta
12319 Roosevelt Way NE


  • Sound Transit Lynnwood Extension
    • After Northgate the Link Light rail will be going through Pinehurst on its way north. The current plan is for it to be adjacent to I-5 on the east side but you’ll have to show up to learn the details.
  • Pinehurst Websites and Online Communities
    • We want to talk about the various sites (online and offline) that people use to communicate in the neighborhood, what the best uses are for each medium, and how we can be more effective in managing and promoting them.
    • We hope for this to be a very interactive event. We really want your input here!
  • Elections!
    • As the last meeting of the year our bylaws call for elections. Your current president and vice-president (Phillip and Eric) have been nominated for re-election but we’ll also take other nominations in advance or at the meeting.

Also, you can bring new socks/gloves/scarves/hats for the Seattle Police North Precinct Holiday Sock Drive and we’ll deliver them for you.

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