Want Really Fast Internet?

There’s been some discussion about it on Facebook but I wanted to share this here. I’ve received confirmation that demand is one of the qualifications for access to the new gigabit Internet! So we might be able to get it in the rest of our neighborhood sooner than we think. You DO NOT have to be in those boundaries to sign up. We’re trying to show that there’s demand nearby and I know that the dark fiber runs north through our neighborhood so it should be easy to expand.

If you’re at all Interested please sign up at

This is not a commitment, just showing them who’s interested. If you’ve got any questions, please email me at


About Gigabit Internet:

About the Mayor’s Involvement:

3 comments to Want Really Fast Internet?

  • Thomas


    I signed up for Gigabit notifications. I also sent a letter to the mayor letting him know how disappointed I am that he didn’t move forward with creating a public utility to provide internet service throughout the city. It is sad and damaging to our competitiveness that we have not done this. The US is fast becoming the least connected industrialized nation. The US was listed as 27th (behind Japan, France, the UK, etc.) in % of citizens with internet access (

    We don’t need more private companies operating monopolies. Comcast has made plenty of money. We need a public utility like Seattle City Light or Water that provides fiber to every home and business, just like we supply water and sewer. If we can afford to build another sports franchise a stadium, we can afford to build a internet access utility.


  • Eric Madis

    I agree with you, Thomas!

  • Laura

    I completely agree…internet first, sports very much later.

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